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Table 1 List of antibodies targeting components of active centromere. Antibodies were first tested on non-fixative treated cells to determine optimal concentration or dilution for immunocytochemistry and then tested on cells stored in methanol-acetic acid fixative

From: Active centromere and chromosome identification in fixed cell lines

  Antibody Species Concentration or dilution Cells stored in methanol-acetic acid
1 BubR1 [EPR12259(2)] ab183496 (Abcam) Rabbit IgG monoclonal 0.527 μg/ml No
2 CENP-A (Clone: 3–19) Mouse IgG monoclonal 1 : 500 No
3 CENP-A phospho Ser18 (Active Motif) Rabbit IgG polyclonal 1 : 400 No
4 CENP-C (Serum from rabbit 554; gift from William Earnshaw) Rabbit polyclonal 1 : 1000 Yes
5 CENP-C [EPR15939] ab193666 (Abcam) Rabbit IgG monoclonal 0.677 μg/ml Yes
6 CENP-E [EPR4542(2)] ab133583 (Abcam) Rabbit IgG monoclonal 0.275 μg/ml Not homogeneous across all chromosomes
7 HEC1 [9G3] ab3613 (Abcam) Mouse IgG monoclonal 0.5 μg/ml No