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Fig. 5

From: A Gossypium BAC clone contains key repeat components distinguishing sub-genome of allotetraploidy cottons

Fig. 5

FISH analysis of distribution of identified LTR-RTs in cotton genome. a, sca2 (18785-21330)- G. hirsutum; b, sca3 (5355-8188)- G. hirsutum; c, sca3 (5355-8188)- G. raimondii.; d, sca1 (4200-5326)- G. hirsutum; e, sca2 (7498-8637)- G. hirsutum; f, sca3 (17834-19556)- G. hirsutum; g, sca3 (20731-21832)- G. hirsutum; h, sca1 (4200-5326)- G. arboreum; i, sca1 (4200-5326)- G. raimondii; j, scaffold1 (13558-17675)- G. hirsutum; k, sca2 (23904-25399)- G. hirsutum; l, sca2 (18785-21330)- G. hirsutum (pachytene). Bar = 5 μm

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