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Table 3 Sixteen differentially expressed genes in the group of Wilms tumours compared to differentiated kidneys which exhibited a concordant pattern of copy number alteration (CNA)

From: Genomic imbalances pinpoint potential oncogenes and tumor suppressors in Wilms tumors

Gene name Fold change Type of CNA
CNKSR1 −2.30* 1p36.12p36.11 deletion
MAN1C1 −7.37** 1p36.12p36.11 deletion
PAQR7 −10.71** 1p36.12p36.11 deletion
CHD1L 3.18** 1q21.1q23.2 gain
CRABP2 31.59** 1q21.1q23.2 gain
GJA8 25.48* 1q21.1q23.2 gain
MEX3A 10.28** 1q21.1q23.2 gain
MLLT11 14.04** 1q21.1q23.2 gain
DNMT3A 2.42** 2p25.3p11.2 gain
INPP5D −2.56* 2q37 deletion
AHR −9.62** 7p14.1p12.2 deletion
SOSTDC1 −21.39** 7p14.1p12.2 deletion
TWIST1 −3.26* 7p14.1p12.2 deletion
BBOX1 −39.84* 11p13p12 homozygous loss in one WT
FIBIN −8.10* 11p13p12 homozygous loss in one WT
PLCG2 −8.96* 16q22.1q24.3 deletion
  1. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01