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Fig. 4

From: Primary and recurrent diffuse astrocytomas: genomic profile comparison reveals acquisition of biologically relevant aberrations

Fig. 4

Molecular cytogenetic and epigenetic analyses of the three lesions of case no. 2. a Results of the SNP array for each lesion, with the selection of three chromosomes, in which the additional changes were detected. Red bars indicate the deletion of a chromosomal region. Green bars represent amplifications, and CN-LOH is marked with gray boxes. b Results of I-FISH analysis confirming and extending the SNP array findings. 1, biallelic deletion of subtelomeric area of the long arm of chromosome 6; 2, biallelic deletion of the CDKN2A gene; 3, deletion of the PTEN gene in polyploid nuclei; 4, the RB1 gene and 13q34 were not affected by chromothripsis

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