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Fig. 5

From: Complex intrachromosomal rearrangement in 1q leading to 1q32.2 microdeletion: a potential role of SRGAP2 in the gyrification of cerebral cortex

Fig. 5

Spatio-temporal expression profiles in brain. PLXNA2 shows highest expression pattern in all cortical areas, basal ganglia and thalamus from early to late fetal period. Even though expression level slightly goes down perinatally, it remains high throughout postnatal time. SYT14 and RCOR3 are highly expressed in prenatal human brain (cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus and cerebellum) and it goes slightly down neonatally. TBL1XR1 expression pattern in brain remains mainly high and stabile throughout lifespan. CD55 expression goes up in perinatal time and remains high throughout postnatal time and adulthood. KCNH1 shows high expression in postnatal cerebral cortex and basal ganglia. FC-frontal cerebral wall, OFC-orbital prefrontal cortex, DFC-dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, VFC-ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, MFC-medial prefrontal cortex, M1C-Primary motor cortex, S1C-Primary somatosensory cortex, IPC-Posterior inferior parietal cortex, A1C-Primary auditory cortex, STC-Superior temporal cortex, ITC-Inferior temporal cortex, V1C-Primary visual cortex, HIP-Hippocampus, AMY-Amygdala, STR-Striatum, MD-Mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus, CBC-Cerebellar cortex. Period 3 (Early fetal development, 10 PCW (post-conceptional weeks) < Age <13 PCW), Period 4 (Early mid-fetal development, 13 PCW < Age <16 PCW), Period 5 (Early mid-fetal development, 16 PCW < Age <19 PCW), Period 6 (Late mid-fetal development, 19 PCW < Age <24 PCW), Period 7 (Late fetal development, 24 PCW < Age <38 PCW), Period 8 (Neonatal and early infancy, birth ≤ Age <6 M (postnatal months), Period 9 (Late infancy, 6 M< Age <12 M), Period 10 (Early childhood, 1 Y (year) < Age <6 Y), Period 11 (Middle and late childhood, 6 Y< Age <12 Y), Period 12 (Adolescence, 12 Y< Age <20 Y), Period 13 (Young adulthood, 20 Y< Age <40 Y), Period 14 (Middle adulthood, 40 Y< Age <60 Y), Period 15 (Late adulthood, 60 Y +)

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