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Table 4 Origin analysis of 3 cases with small-size segmental imbalances by FISH

From: Chromosomal copy number analysis on chorionic villus samples from early spontaneous miscarriages by high throughput genetic technology

No. Copy number variants FISH test Parental origin
Probea Paternal Maternal
C0012 -(2q37.3-qter)(4.6 M); 6p SG; 6q SO Normal Normal De novo
+(6q23.2-qter)(36.1 M)
C0044 -(6q25.3-qter)(12.5 M); 6p SG; 6q SO Carrier Normal Paternal
+(10q26.11-qter)(13.8 M)
C0146 +(9q34.11-qter)(9.2 M); 14q SO Carrier Normal Paternal
-(14q32.13-qter)(14.8 M)
  1. aFISH test was performed on the metaphase of lymphocytes using telomeric probes. SG spectrum of green, SO spectrum of orange. Carrier, reciprocal balanced translocation carrier