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Table 3 Parents karyotype analysis of the CVSs with segmental copy number variants

From: Chromosomal copy number analysis on chorionic villus samples from early spontaneous miscarriages by high throughput genetic technology

No Copy number variants for CVSs Parents karyotype
C0012 -(2q37.3-qter)(4.6 M); +(6q23.2-qter)(36.1 M) Normal
C0044 -(6q25.3-qter)(12.5 M); +(10q26.11-qter)(13.8 M) Normal
C0146 +(9q34.11-qter)(9.2 M); −(14q32.13-qter)(14.8 M) Normal
C0391 -(1p36.21-pter)(12.36 M) Normal
C0001 -(18p11-pter)(14.0 M); +(18q11-qter)(59.4 M) Normal
C0052 +(17q21.31-qter)(38.9 M) Normal
C0227 -(8p12-pter)(28.8 M); +(8q24.3-qter)(4.9 M) Normal
C0361 +(5q13.2-qter)(106.42 M); −(15q26.1-qter)(11.35 M) Normal
C0376 -(5p15.1-pter)(16.6 M); +(9q21.32-qter)(56.6 M) Normal
C0403 -(5p14.1-pter)(25.68 M); +(19q13.33-qter)(8.35 M) Normal
C0407 +(2q12.1-q33.1)(93.02 M) Normal
C0419 +19(q13.33-qter)(7.56 M) Normal
C0420 +(11q23.3-pter)(111.15 M); −(22q11.1-q11.21)(3.92 M) Normal
C0432 +(9p21.3-pter)(21.71 M); −3(q28-qter)(8.3 M) Normal
C0439 -(1p36.21-pter)(13.69 M); +19 Normal
C0404 +(5p13.33-pter)(31.09 M); −(10q24.32-qter)(29.19 M) Paternal reciprocal translocation carrier
C0193 +(2p24.3-pter)(15.11 M); −(13q22.1-qter)(38.47 M) Paternal reciprocal translocation carrier
C0063 +(16p11.2-qter)(56.4 M) Loss to Follow-up
C0195 -(8q24.13-qter)(19.83 M); +(11q23.3-qter)(17.22 M) Loss to Follow-up
C0294 +(11q22.3-q24.2)(22.08 Mb); −(11q24.2-qter)(7.12 Mb) Loss to Follow-up
C0358 -(13q21.31-qter)(48.84 Mb) Loss to Follow-up
C0385 +14(q11.2-q12)(8.67 M); −X Loss to Follow-up
C0389 -(18p11.21-pter)(14.08 Mb); +(18p11.21-qter)(59.8 Mb); +(19q12-qter)(27.58 Mb) Loss to Follow-up