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Table 1 Two Cases with inconsistent results between NGS and array CGH, and carrier validation by FISH

From: Identification of small segmental translocations in patients with repeated implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage using next generation sequencing after in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Cases RIF times RM times embryo array CGH PGS result embryo NGS result carrier FISH
1 2 5 normal ngs9p24.3-9p24.1(10,291-8,680,890×1) ish t(9;13)(p24.1;q33.1)
     13q33.1-13q34(103,046,327-114,785,444×3) (9pter-,9qter+;9pter+,RB1+)
2 2 4 normal ngs4q34.3-4q35.2(179,673,982-191,016,503×3) ish t(4;6) (q34.3;p22.3)
     6p25.3-6p22.3 (146,672-17,829,693×1) (6pter+,cep4+;6pter-,4qter+)