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Table 1 A summary of sSMC(15) defined by karyotype, aCGH or SNP, and methylation analyses

From: Copy number changes and methylation patterns in an isodicentric and a ring chromosome of 15q11-q13: report of two cases and review of literature

SMC15 Test Methods Patient Number Age Gender Inheritance BP Fusion Methylation References
G-banding aCGH/SNP FISH Methylation
trc(15), idic(15) + Nimblegen + MS-SB 2 11y, 26y M, F de novo BP3::BP3, BP4::BP5 Maternal [22] Hogart A, et al., 2009
rea(15), inv dup(15) + Affymetrix + MS-PCR 2 5y, 9y M, M de novo BP4::BP5, BP4::BP5 Maternal [23] Yang J, et al. 2013
inv dup(15) or idic(15) + Agilent & Illumina + MS-MLPA 8 1.7y-14.5y M(3), F(5) de novo BP3::BP3,BP2-BP3:: Maternal [17] Ageeli EA, et al. 2014
der(15)t(15q;6p)      1 7y M paternal carrier BP2-BP3:: Paternal  
del(15)[14]/psu dic(15)[4] + Agilent + MS-PCR 1 2y F de novo BP3::BP3 Maternal [24] Tan E-S, et al. 2014
idic(15) + Agilent + MS-MLPA 20 3 m-23y M(13), F(7) 1 de novo, 19 unk BP3::BP3 or BP4, BP4::BP4 or BP5 Maternal [25] Aypar U, et al. 2014
idic(15) + Agilent + MS-MLPA 1 3y F de novo BP3::BP3 Maternal This report
r(15) + Agilent + MS-MLPA 2 1d, 7y M, M unk BP2/BP3::,BP3::BP3 Maternal [25] Aypar U, et al. 2014
r(15) + Agilent - MS-MLPA 1 6y F de novo BP5::BP5> > BP2/BP3::BP3/BP4 Maternal This report
  1. Abbreviations: MS methylation sensitive, SB Southern blot; + = yes; − = not; m = month; y = year; unk, unknown