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Table 1 Karyotypes and culture conditions of the tumors

From: A rare coincidence of different types of driver mutations among uterine leiomyomas (UL)

Tumor no Karyotype according to ISCN Days in culture until cytogenetic preparation
709/1 45,XX,del(3)(q2?),del(7)(q11.2),add(9)(q34),-15,der(17)t(15;17)?(q22;p11.2)[3]/46,XX[3] 14
  Ten additional metaphases were hypodiploid. Of these, seven showed structural abnormalities and losses and three only losses of chromosomes. None of the losses observed were clonal.  
709/2 43 ~ 46,XX,del(1)(p34)[[2],der(2)[2],-11[2],+mar[2][cp2] 35
709/3 46,XX[22] 35
709/4 46,XX[17]/44,XX,-19,-21[1] 20