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Table 1 List of FISH clones used to redefine the Xp deletion. Genomic position of probes is reported according to the February 2009 human reference sequence (GRCh37/hg19) and the presence or the absence of the corresponding signals on the normal and recombinant X chromosomes are indicated by + and − signs, respectively

From: Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of a recombinant X chromosome in a family with a severe neurologic phenotype and macular degeneration

Clone Position bp (hg19) X chromosome X derivative
RP13 167H21 803878–917875 + --
RP11 309 M23 915876–1047557 + --
WI2 87136C11 1097568–1134076 + --
WI2 829094A1 1184114–1227822 + +
RP4 674 K6 1347892–1430773 + +