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Table 2 Cell lines and single copy FISH probes used to assess chromatin accessibility

From: Localized, non-random differences in chromatin accessibility between homologous metaphase chromosomes

Sample ID: cytogenetics Probes for tracking homologs
Cytoband, gene: interval Status
GM10958: 46,XX, t(1;11) (q31.2;q25) pat 1q43.3, RGS7:IVS4-IVS5 1p36.3, intergenic DA Equivalent
GM10273: 46,XX, t(11;22)(p13;q12.2) pat 22q13.3, ACR:Ex1-IVS3 DA
GM01921: 47,XY, t(8;14)(q13;q13), inv(9)(p11q13) mat, +21 9q34.3, CACNA1B:Ex29-IVS31 9p24.3, C9orf66:Ex1 DA Equivalent
GM06326: 46, X, t(Y;17) (q11.21;q21) pat 17p12, PMP22:IVS3 & ADORA2B:IVS1 17p12, PMP22:IVS4-Ex5 & ADORA2B:Promoter-Ex1 DA Equivalent
GM10958: 46,XX, t(1;11) (q31.2;q25) pat 11q25, OPCML:IVS1 DA
GM10273: 46,XX, t(11;22) (p13;q12.2) pat 11q25, OPCML:IVS1 DA
II-2: 46,XX.ish del (15) (q11.2q13) (D15S10-,UBE3A-) pat 15q12, SNRPN: Promoter:IVS1 & GABRA5:IVS3 15q13.1, HERC2:IVS12-IVS13 DA DA
III-1: 46,XY.ish del(15) (q11.2q13) (D15S10-,UBE3A-) mat Same as II-2 DA
III-2: 46,XX.ish del(15) (q11.2q13) (D15S10-,UBE3A-) mat Same as II-2 DA
L12-1980: 46,XX, t(1;17) (p10;q10) 1q43.3, RGS7:IVS4-IVS5 17p12, PMP22:IVS3 & ADORA2B:IVS1 DA DA
L13-72: 46,XX,9qh+ 9q34.3, CACNA1B:Ex29-IVS31 DA
L11-729: 46,XY, t(7;22) (q32;q13.33) 22q13.3, ACR:Ex1-IVS3 DA
  1. Cytogenetic nomenclature for each of the samples is indicated. Parental origins of the rearrangements are indicated when known (mat = maternal, pat = paternal). Cells are from human lymphocytes (L12-1980, L13-72, L11-729) or lymphoblastoid cell lines [GM10958, GM10273, GM01921, GM06326, and family II-1 (mother), III-1 (child), III-2 (child)].