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Figure 7

From: Localized, non-random differences in chromatin accessibility between homologous metaphase chromosomes

Figure 7

Correspondence of metaphase chromosome accessibility with epigenetic marks associated with open chromatin in interphase. Genome browser tracks show integrated ChIP-seq signal intensities of open chromatin features (y-axis) determined by ENCODE. Genomic locations for a set of representative single copy probe intervals is provided (GRCh37) along x-axis, probe size in kilobase pairs is represented by black bar, and genes are shown in blue. A. Genomic regions with equivalent accessibility show a higher density of open chromatin epigenetic features than regions with DA (panel B). C. The distributions of integrated intensities for each open chromatin feature were plotted around the 95% confidence interval for all probe intervals provided in Table 1, and grouped according to whether the probes showed DA (black bars) or equivalent accessibility (red bars). Group means of the integrated intensity values are shown on the y-axis (y = log 10) and individual features of open chromatin are indicated on the x-axis. The mean integrated ChIP-seq intensities of open chromatin features were significantly different by ANOVA (p =1.0E-04), in particular for all histone marks and DNase I HS, between DA and sequences with equivalent accessibility.

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