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Table 1 Summary of published AML patients with t(5;18)(q35;q21) and present patient with ins(18;5)(q21;q31q35)

From: A novel insertion ins(18;5)(q21.1;q31.2q35.1) in acute myeloid leukemia associated with microdeletions at 5q31.2, 5q35.1q35.2 and 18q12.3q21.1 detected by oligobased array comparative genomic hybridization

Reference Patient 1[12] Patient 2[13] Present case
Age (yr) 42 73 37
Gender Female Male Male
WBC (×10 9 /L) 48.1 12.0 4.5
Platelets (×10 9 /L) 56 65 24
Hgb (mM) 6.0a 7.2a 5.1
BM Morphology: Blast (%), cell size, cellularity 80%, large size, hypocellular 60%, large size 80%, medium size, hypercellular
Immunophenotype CD4+, CD13+, CD33+, HLA-DR+, CD38+, CD11c+, CD117+ CD13+, CD33+, HLA-DR+, CD117+, MPO- CD4+, CD7+, CD13+, CD33+, CD117+, MPO+, CD56-, CD34-, TdT-
Diagnosis AML-M2 (de novo) AML-M2 (de novo) AML-M1 (de novo)
Cytogenetics 46,XX,t(5;18)(q35;q21)[14] 46,XY,t(5;18)(q35;q21)[2]/46,XY[12] 46,XY,ins(18;5)(q21.1;q31.2q35.1)[25]
aCGH findings No information No information 0.16 Mb amplification @12q21.1
0.37 Mb deletion @5q31.2
1.98 Mb deletion @5q35.1q35.2
2.07 Mb deletion @18q12.3q21.1
Gene Mutations No information FLT3 ITD FLT3 ITD, NMP1 wt
Outcome BMT in CR1 Obtained CR1 Obtained CR1, karyotype 46,XY[25],
Relapse with t(5;18)(q35;q21) and a secondary t(3;12)(p23;p13) BMT planned in CR1
Died 18 months after initial diagnosis
  1. aPublished values converted to SI units.