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Table 1 Pericentromeric euchromatic coverage of the high-resolution BAC-based core panels

From: Design and validation of a pericentromeric BAC clone set aimed at improving diagnosis and phenotype prediction of supernumerary marker chromosomes

Chromosome arm Heterochromatic region starting position (Mb)a Heterochromatic region ending position (Mb)a Proximal euchromatic BAC clone belonging to the core panel Distance between heterochromatic region and proximal euchromatic core BAC clone (Mb)b Distal euchromatic BAC clone belonging to the core panel Distance between proximal and distal euchromatic core BAC clones (Mb)c
1pd 121.5   RP11-803J8 at 1p11.2 0.015 CTD-3138A9 at 1p12-p11.2 0.98
1qd   142.6 RP11-15M9 at 1q21.1 0.76 CTD-2326L14 at 1q21.1 1.46
2p 90.5   CTD-2269O20 at 2p11.2-p11.1 0 RP11-1023H22 at 2p11.2 0.61
2q   96.8 RP11-139J5 at 2q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-245P4 at 2q11.2 0.96
3p 87.9   RP11-424C9 at 3p11.2-p11.1 0 RP11-598A10 at 3p12.1-p11.2 0.71
3q   93.9 RP11-259L20 at 3q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-625F19 at 3q11.2 0.87
4p 48.2   RP11-260K18 at 4p12-p11 0 CTD-2057N12 at 4p12 0.88
4q   52.7 RP11-98B6 at 4q11-q12 0 RP11-600M5 at 4q12 0.76
5p 46.1   RP11-10F16 at 5p12-p11 0 RP11-134N5 at 5p12 0.91
5q   50.7 RP11-463E10 at 5q11.1-q11.2 0 CTD-3113M11 at 5q11.2 0.33
6p 58.7   RP11-136G2 at 6p11.2-p11.1 0 RP11-799H20 at 6p11.2 1.02
6q   63.3 RP11-448N11 at 6q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-78B14 at 6q12 0.30
7p 58.0   CTD-2593N8 at 7p11.2-p11.1 0 RP11-114G11 at 7p11.2 0.66
7q   61.7 CTD-2245O1 at 7q11.1-q11.21 0 RP11-45N18 at 7q11.21 0.84
8p 43.1   RP11-73M19 at 8p11.21-p11.1 0 RP11-577C12 at 8p11.21 0.79
8q   48.1 CTD-2563N10 at 8q11.1-q11.21 0 RP11-367A12 at 8q11.21 0.56
9pd 47.3   RP11-606B18 at 9p11.2 0.37 RP11-361G22 at 9p11.2 0.64
9q   65.9 CTD-2508M5 at 9q12-q13 0 CTD-2050L17 at 9q13 0.49
10p 38.0   CTD-3195G22 at 10p11.21-p11.1 0 RP11-739D18 at 10p11.21 0.58
10qd   42.3 RP11-80L2 at 10q11.21 0.08 RP11-351D16 at 10q11.21 1.32
11pd 51.6   RP11-100E23 at 11p11.12 0.06 RP11-318O24 at 11p11.12 1.00
11q   55.7 CTD-3202L3 at 11q11-q12.1 0 RP11-720L5 at 11q12.1 0.85
12p 33.3   RP11-460N10 at 12p11.21-p11.1 0 RP11-8P13 at 12p11.21 0.48
12q   38.2 RP11-496H24 at 12q11-q12 0 RP11-715M8 at 12q12 0.68
13q   19.5 RP11-294G16 at 13q11-q12.11 0 RP11-71I1 at 13q12.11 0.32
14q   19.1 RP11-639F13 at 14q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-77E23 at 14q11.2 0.90
15q   20.7 RP11-108C1 at 15q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-666L22 at 15q11.2 0.34
16p 34.6   RP11-488I20 at 16p11.2-p11.2 0 RP11-1088B6 at 16p11.2 0.32
16q   47.0 RP11-627O2 at 16q11.2-q12.1 0 RP11-671L23 at 16q12.1 0.36
17p 22.2   RP11-718K3 at 17p11.2-p11.1 0 RP11-937K3 at 17p11.2 0.51
17q   25.8 RP11-1049N9 at 17 q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-59G20 at 17q 11.2 0.52
18p 15.4   RP11-1133K23 at 18p11.21-p11.1 0 RP11-1025M21 at 18p11.21 0.52
18q   19.0 RP11-746M23 at 18q11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-60G3 at 18q11.2 0.66
19p 24.4   RP11-350E11 at 19p12-p11 0 RP11-642I13 at 19p12 0.86
19q   28.6 CTD-2045N7 at 19q11-q12 0 RP11-347I6 at 19q12 0.95
20p 25.6   RP11-161K13 at 20p11.21-p11.1 0 RP11-156D15 at 20p11.21 0.49
20qd   29.4 CTD-2311M18 at 20q11.21 0.02 RP11-1147I19 at 20q11.21 1.17
21qd   14.3 RP11-203F20 at 21q11.2 0.13 RP11-1025M7 at 21q11.2 0.93
22q   17.9 RP11-958H20 at 22q11.1-q11.21 0 RP11-81B3 at 22q11.21 0.71
Xp 58.1   CTD-2225J11 at Xp11.21-p11.1 0 RP11-936C8 at Xp11.21 0.96
Xq   63.0 RP11-943J20 at Xq11.1-q11.2 0 RP11-284B18 at Xq11.2 0.54
Ype 11.6   RP11-108I14 at Yp11.2 1.50   
Yq   13.4 RP11-1100G7 at Yq11.1-q11.21 0 RP11-91N9 at Yq11.21 1.1
  1. aThe location of the heterochromatic region is an approximation taken from the February 2009 release of the UCSC Human Genome Browser Database, which indicates the distance from the most distal available p-arm sequence to the centromere start and end for that chromosome. For chromosomes 1q, 9q, and 16q, the heterochromatic region ending position indicates the telomeric border of the heterochromatic bands 1q12, 9q12, and 16q11.2, respectively.
  2. bThe distance between the heterochromatic region and the most proximal available euchromatic BAC clone indicates the starting position of the pericentromeric coverage of the BAC core panel for each chromosome arm.
  3. cThe distance between the proximal and distal euchromatic core BAC clones indicates the pericentromeric euchromatic coverage of the core panel for each chromosome arm; if the proximal BAC clone overlaps with heterochromatin/euchromatin bridge, the distance refers only to the euchromatic sequence.
  4. dThe core panels of chromosomes 1p, 10q, 11p, 20q, and 21q were not completed because of the lack of heterochromatin/euchromatin-bridging physical maps in the reference sequence. The core panels of chromosomes 1q and 9p are incomplete due to the presence of pericentromeric paralogous segmental duplications; therefore, the corresponding core panel probes were excluded from the clone set because their hybridization signals do not give unique mapping information. The partial core panel of chromosome 10q was established using non-contiguous clones.
  5. eThe core panel of chromosomes Yp was not established because of the lack of a pericentromeric physical map in the reference sequence.