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Figure 1

From: Design and validation of a pericentromeric BAC clone set aimed at improving diagnosis and phenotype prediction of supernumerary marker chromosomes

Figure 1

FISH characterization of sSRC(10) of patient 4 (A, B) and sSRC(16) of patient 14 (C, D), including breakpoint mapping and sizing of the euchromatic region. (A) Partial metaphase hybridized with the 10p11.23 BAC probe RP11-39E10, showing signals on both chromosome 10 homologs and the der(10) marker chromosome (arrow). (B) Partial metaphase hybridized with the BAC probe RP11-178A10 at 10q11.21, showing a diminished hybridization signal on the der(10) marker chromosome (arrow) relative to the chromosome 10 homologs. (C and D) Partial metaphases hybridized with the BAC probes RP11-488I20 at 16p (C) and CTD-2382P11 at 16q (D), showing signals on the chromosome 16 homologs but not sSRC(16) (arrows).

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