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Table 4 Summary of both numerical and structural anomalies in mouse ES cell lines

From: Trisomy 8: a common finding in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell lines

Structural and numerical anomalies Number of cell lines
41,XY,+Y,der(1)t(1;8)(A1;D1) 2
41,XY,t(4;14)(C6;E5),+6 1
41,XY,+3/40,XY,der(17)t(8;17)(B2;E2)/40,XY 1
40,XY,del(6)(B1C3)/41,XY,+4/40,XY 1
40,XY,del(10)(A4C1)/41,XY,+8,del(10)(A4C1) 1
Total 6