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Figure 2

From: A novel dic (17;18) (p13.1;q11.2) with loss of TP53 and BCR/ABL rearrangement in an Imatinib resistant chronic myeloid leukemia

Figure 2

Karyotype and chromosomal aberrations were confirmed using molecular cytogenetic approaches. (A) FISH using probes for BCR (green) and ABL (red) confirmed Ph chromosome presence. (B) FISH with CEP 17 (red) and CEP18 (green) showed the presence of both centromeres on the derivative chromosome in question, indicating a dic(17;18). (C) The deletion of TP53 of der(17)(p13.1) was identified using 17p13 (p53) together with a CEP 17 probe. (D) The application of aMCB 17 and 18 characterized the dic(17;18)(p13.1;q11.2) comprehensively . Abbreviations: # = chromosome; der = derivative chromosome; Ph = Philadelphia-chromosome.

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