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Table 2 Results of the STR marker analysis

From: Meiotic errors followed by two parallel postzygotic trisomy rescue events are a frequent cause of constitutional segmental mosaicism

case 1 marker location F/C/M
  D13S232 13q12.12 ac/ac/ab
  D13S129 13q31.3 ac/aab/bc
  D13S128 13q32.2 ac/acd/bd
  D13S770 13q32.3 ab/aab/ab
  D13S779 13q32.3 ab/aab/ac
  D13S1315 13q34 ac/bc/ab
  D13S285 13q34 b/bc/ac
case 2 marker location F/C/M
  D15S165 15q13.2-q13.3 ab/ab/ac
  D15S222 15q21.1 ab/ab/ab
  D15S116 15q26.1 bc/bbc/ac
  D15S127 15q26.1 cd/bdd/ab
  D15S158 15q26.1 ac/bcc/ab
  D15S130 15q26.2 bd/bbc/ac
case 3 marker Location F/C/M
  D11S1357 11q12.1 b/b/ab
  D11S480 11q12.3 bd/bbc/ac
  D11S913 11q13.1-q13.2 ?/aac/bc
  D11S4095 11q13.3 bc/abb/ad
  D11S1314 11q13.4 ?/bc/ab
  D11S916 11q13.4 ?/a/a
  D11S1339 11q22.1-q22.2 ?/ab/ac
  D11S4111 11q23.3 ?/bc/ab
case 4 marker location F/C/M
  D1S1595 1q22 ac/c/bc
  D1S1653 1q23.1 ?/b/ab
  D1S2635 1q23.2 cd/acc/ab
  D1S2705 1q23.3 ac/aab/b
  D1S212 1q25.2 ac/bcc/bd
  D1S1171 1q32.1 ?/a/ab
  D1S2631 1q42.13 a/ab/ab
case 5 marker location F/C/M
  D2S2268 2p25.3 b/b/ab
  D2S2245 2p25.3 ac/bbc/bc
  D2S319 2p25.3 ab/bcc/bc
  D2S1780 2p25.3 ac/aac/ab
case 6 marker location  
  D1S1595 1q22 aab
  D1S1653 1q23.1 abc
  D1S2635 1q23.2 ab
  D1S2705 1q23.3 a
  D1S212 1q25.2 ab
  D1S1171 1q32.1 abc
case 6 marker location  
  D20S117 20p13 ab
  1. Results of the STR marker analysis. Highlighted markers lie within the duplicated or deleted regions. Informative marker results are underlined and highlighted. F: father, C: case, M: mother.