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Table 1 Used sSMC cases and controls, their karyotypes, the studied material and ID of the cell line

From: Centromeric association of small supernumerary marker chromosomes with their sister-chromosomes detected by three dimensional molecular cytogenetics

case number karyotype studied material cell line ID
1 47,XX,+inv dup(15)(q11.1) T-lymphocytes n.a. but case listed as 15-O-q11.1/1-70 in [5]
2 47,XX,+inv dup(15)(q12) skin fibroblasts Coriell GM07992
3 47,XY,+min(16)(:p11.1- > q12.1) B-lymphocytes EKF-#16-p11.1/1-m
4 47,XY,+inv dup(18)(q11.1) B-lymphocytes EKF-#18-q11.1/1-i
5 47,XY,+der(18)t(8;18)(8p23.2~23.1;18q11.1) B-lymphocytes EKF-#18compl#8/1-m
6 46,XX T-lymphocytes n.a. - control
  1. Abbreviations: Coriell = Coriell institute; EKF = Else Kröner-Fresenius-cellbankfor small supernumerary marker chromosomes