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Figure 5

From: CGH and SNP array using DNA extracted from fixed cytogenetic preparations and long-term refrigerated bone marrow specimens

Figure 5

A comparison of SNP array results for chromosome 7 using DNA from fresh and fixed cells. A. A comparison of SNP array results from fresh (left) and fixed (right) U937 cell line. The brackets on the left show (a) a 38 Mb deletion and (b) a 70 Mb deletion of 7q which encompasses (a). B. Cells with the smaller (top) and larger (bottom) 7q deletion validated by FISH with the Vysis LSI D7S486 SpectrumOrange (7q31, red) and CEP7 SpectrumGreen (centromere, green) probes in metaphase spreads. The deleted chromosome 7 is arrowed. The Illumina CytoSNP 12 array probes have a median spacing of 6.1 kb.

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