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Table 2 Candidate genes for agenesis of corpus callosum

From: A 54 Mb 11qter duplication and 0.9 Mb 1q44 deletion in a child with laryngomalacia and agenesis of corpus callosum

Publication Deletion in 1qter Proposed Candidate gene
Van Bever et al, 2005[8] 4.5 Mb in1q44 Mapped within RSG7
Boland et al, 2007[9] 3.5 Mb in1q44 AKT3, ZNF238
Joris et al, 2008[10] 6.9 Mb in1q44 AKT3 strong candidate gene
Van Bon et al, 2008[12] 0.36 Mb in1q44 C1orf100, ADSs, C1orf101 &C1orf121.
AKT3 gene was excluded
Poot et al, 2008[25] 4.8 Mb in1q44 AKT3, ZNF238 was not deleted
Therefore AKT3 was rejected
Orellana et al, 2009[11] 1.1 Mb in1q44 AKT3, ZNF238, C1orf100
Aktas et al, 2010[13] 2.9 Mb and 2.7 Mb in1q44 C1orf100 to C1orf121
Genes proximal to SMYD3
AKT3 was excluded
Caliebe et al, 2010[14] 0.44 Mb in1q44 FAM36A, HNRPU, EFCAB2, KIF26B
Osburn et al,2011[8] Deletion in 1q42.13 to q44 DISC1
Lall M et al,2011
[present study]
0.9 Mb in1q44 Genes proximal to SMYD3
AKT3 excluded