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Table 2 Identifiable differences of chromosome fragmentation and PCC

From: Comparison of mitotic cell death by chromosome fragmentation to premature chromosome condensation

Chromosome fragmentation PCC
Single cell involvement If fusion induced, normal, intact mitotic cells will be in close proximity to fragmented cells
Can affect single chromosomes Impacts entire genome regularly, except in limited multinucleated cells
Results in chromosome degradation Unknown, may activate chromosome breakdown
Chromosome morphology lost as process progresses Chromosome morphology dependant on position in cell cycle
Differential cut size Differential condensation states
Occurs during mitosis Occurs in interphase cells exposed to active MPF
Not inhibited by roscovitine Inhibited by roscovitine
Induced by stress during mitosis Induced by cell fusion or activation of MPF
γ-H2AX positive γ-H2AX negative
No active DNA incorporation Actively incorporating DNA