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Table 2 Results of various FISH probes application with MN test

From: Fluorescence in situ hybridization in combination with the comet assay and micronucleus test in genetic toxicology

FISH probes What is detected Results and applications References
- Both chromosome breakage and loss Genotoxicity testing or biomonitoring of genotoxic exposure and effect [1626]
   Discrimination of aneugenic and clastogenic effects in vitro [8487]
Centromeric MN with whole chromosomes Discrimination of aneugenic and clastogenic effects in vivo [8892]
   Biomarker of radiation exposure in vivo [93]
   Frequency of occurrence of chromosomes in spontaneously occurring MN [106, 107]
Chromosome-specific centromeric Whole chromosomes in MN and non-disjunctional events Comparative sensitivity of different chromosomes toward mutagens [96, 108, 109]
   Study of mechanisms of aneuploidy [72, 9498]
Chromosome-locus-specific MN with chromosome loci Nature of genome instability in tumor cells [75]
   Distribution of radiation and chemical mutagen-induced cytogenetic damage [74, 79, 105, 110]
WCP Both whole chromosomes and acentric fragments in MN Composition of spontaneous and mutagen-induced MN [39, 76, 79, 81]
   Composition of spontaneous MN in cells of patients with ICF [73]
Selected probes Different genomic regions in MN Elucidation of MN formation [72, 82, 83]