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Table 2 Molecular neurocytogenetic data on accelerated aging diseases

From: GIN'n'CIN hypothesis of brain aging: deciphering the role of somatic genetic instabilities and neural aneuploidy during ontogeny

Disease Neurocytogenetic findings CIN GIN References
Down syndrome Presumably 100% (?) of trisomy 21 NS* NS* [37, 42, 43]
Alzheimer's diseases (AD) Chromosome 21-specific aneuploidy confined to degenerated brain areas + ? [14]
AD model (transfected human cells with presenelin 1 mutations) Acquired chromosome missegregation causing aneuploidy + + [46]
Ataxia telangiectasia Aneuploidy; chromosome breakage producing additional rearranged chromosomes (partial aneuploidy) confined to the degenerated cerebellum + + [14, 20]
  1. *NS -- not studied