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Figure 3

From: Microdeletion of 6q16.1 encompassing EPHA7 in a child with mild neurological abnormalities and dysmorphic features: case report

Figure 3

Analysis of deletion encompassing EPHA7 on 6q16.1. (A) Oligonucleotide microarray plot showing a copy-number loss of 30 oligo probes spanning 2.16 Mb at 6q16.1 (chr6:92,836,995–94,905,920). Probes are ordered on the x-axis according to physical mapping positions with distal 6p to the left and distal 6q to the right. (B) FISH demonstrating deletion of EPHA7. BAC clone RP11-270O11 which encompasses EPHA7 was labeled in red and the centromere probe to chromosome 6 (D6Z1) was labeled in green as a control. One red signal was present, indicating deletion of EPHA7.

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