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Figure 3

From: Molecular cytogenetic characterisation of a mosaic add(12)(p13.3) with an inv dup(3)(q26.31 → qter) detected in an autistic boy

Figure 3

Result of the array CGH analysis for chromosomes 3 and 12. The Y-axis represents the log2 of the intensity ratios (log2IR) of the combined dye swap experiments of patient/control DNA. In the X-axis the distance of the BAC clones from the p telomeres is indicated (Mb). The red lines are the thresholds (4 × S.D.) for clone deletion (-0.39) or clone amplification (+0.39). The first clone with amplification is RP11-569P10 (starting at 174.37 Mb) and the flanking clone is RP11-44A1 (ending at 173.86 Mb).

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