Erratum to: The key role of repeated DNAs in sex chromosome evolution in two fish species with ZW sex chromosome system

  • Marcelo de Bello Cioffi1Email author,

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    • Eduard Kejnovský2, 3,

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      • Vinicius Marquioni1,

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        • Juliana Poltronieri1,

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            • Débora Diniz5 and

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              • Luiz Antonio C Bertollo1

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                Molecular Cytogenetics20125:42

                DOI: 10.1186/1755-8166-5-42

                Received: 23 November 2012

                Accepted: 23 November 2012

                Published: 27 November 2012

                The original article was published in Molecular Cytogenetics 2012 5:28


                After the publication of this work [1] the following errors were brought to the authors’ attention: Figure 1 contained a misspelling of the species name Leporinus reinhardti, and Figures 2 and 3 contained mistakes that occurred during the editing process. The correct figures are given below.
                Figure 1

                Giemsa-stained female karyotypes of Leporinus reinhardti (2n = 54) and Triportheus auritus (2n = 52), both with a ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system. The chromosomes of both species were arranged in descending order of size and the sex chromosomes were highlighted in boxes for the sake of clarity. Bar = 5 μm.

                Figure 2

                Mitotic metaphase chromosomes of Leporinus reinhardti female, with a ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system hybridized with different repeated DNAs, including mono-, di- and trinucleotide microsatellites and an 18S rDNA gene as probes. Letters mark the W chromosomes. Bar = 5 μm.

                Figure 3

                W chromosomes of Leporinus reinhardti (L) and Triporteus auritus (T) after C-banding and FISH with various repetitive DNA sequences. Note the huge accumulation of several classes of microsatellites in L. reinhardti and the lesser amount of this accumulation in T. auritus.

                We regret any inconvenience that this inaccuracy may have caused.


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                Departamento de Genética e Evolução, Universidade Federal de São Carlos
                Department of Plant Developmental Genetics, Institute of Biophysics ASCR
                Laboratory of Genome Dynamics, CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology, Masaryk University
                Departamento de Biologia Celular e Genética, Centro de Biociências, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
                Departamento de Ciências Biológicas, Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia


                1. Cioffi MB, Kejnovsky E, Marquioni V, Poltronieri J, Molina WF, Diniz D, Bertollo LAC: The key role of repeated DNAs in sex chromosome evolution in two fish species with ZW sex chromosome system. Mol Cytogenet 2012, 5: 28. 10.1186/1755-8166-5-28View Article


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